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Cax is a 2D platform that I created in GameMaker: Studio as part of my Game Design assignment for university, and I earned a very high grade for my accomplishment. Now that it's all done, I have decided it was time to upload it onto Itch.io for you to experience!

The content of the game isn't very big as there's only two enemies, three weapons, and a whopping two levels, but at the very least I have included appealing 2D graphics, and tried to make it as bug-free as possible. So consider this more as a demo than a full game.

Below is the readme I wrote giving a detailed overview of the Cax game.  You can also check out the behind-the-scenes stuff of the game on my game development blog. Enjoy!



A game by Karl "Karlamon" Smith
Created with GameMaker: Studio
Last updated: 10/06/2017

System requirements

Running Cax requires a Microsoft Windows operating system (preferably Windows 7 or higher), a decent graphics card, and a keyboard. As of now, macOS and Linux are not supported with this game.

Original premise

Cax the teen hooxtak is a shy outsider of his town on Kovola Island, where he struggles to fit in due to his difficulty to focus. He would typically send his time alone with his magic boomerang, still trying to master his abilities. He’s had this since childhood, obtaining it when separated from his father during an invasion of his home village. Despite his flaws, he’s always happy to help out when possible.

When the peace relic is stolen by the mysterious Lord Stygian, Kovola Island is at risk of attack. Everyone on the is reluctant to do anything other than a planned evacuation, but Cax wants to prove he can do the right thing to save his people. He volunteers to set off on a dangerous quest with his magic boomerang (and eventual reptile sidekick Marnie*) to retrieve the relic*, and uncover the huge secret that Lord Stygian* is hiding.

  • (* Not present in this release).

Main menu

  • Play - Play the game.

  • Full screen - Toggle between full screen mode and windowed mode (see Settings).

  • Credits - View the credits.

  • Exit - Quit the game.

    • (Alternatively in the main menu, you can press Esc as a shortcut to exit.)


You may choose to play the game in full screen mode or windowed mode. This setting can be changed in the main menu. In windowed mode, the size of the window can be adjusted to personal preference by using the mouse.


  • Left - Move left

  • Right - Move right

  • Space - Jump

  • Ctrl - Throw boomerang

  • Tab - Change boomerang

  • Esc - Pause

    • (Press Enter in pause mode to return to the main menu.)


  • Blue boomerang - The standard weapon with unlimited usage.

  • Red boomerang - Can be thrown at long distances.

  • Green boomerang - Duplicates itself three times when thrown.

Known issues

  • Cut-scenes lack backgrounds and reuses menu character sprite.

  • Dialogue re-write may be needed.

  • Door has basic-looking sprite and inconsistent opening animations.

  • Clouds move with player when screen scrolls.

  • Heart animation sprite speeds up when player sprite animation is jumping, falling, or in Win screen.

  • When paused, returning boomerangs continue to move backwards/forwards past the player.

  • Occasional clipping issues.

  • Side kick Marnie is not in the game due to time constraints.

  • Story doesn't have a complete closure due to time constraints.

  • Only two levels are in this release.


  • Karl "Karlamon" Smith - Creator, designs, animation, programming, sound

  • Kevin MacLeod* - Music (for song "Freddy's Menagerie"*)

  • Matthew Gatland - Programming consultant

  • Britta Pollmuller - Assignment lecturer

  • Software used - GameMaker: Studio, Inkscape, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Chiptone

Install instructions

To play the game, download and run the Cax.exe file, and you're all set!


Cax.exe 14 MB

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